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SaTaN (Visual Kei)

SaTaN (Visual Kei)

Letras de SaTaN (Visual Kei)

  1. Alice In The Dead World
  2. Bloody Bride (Night Of The Living Dead)
  3. Corpse's Parade
  4. Crawling From The Graves
  5. Dancin' With The Zombie
  6. Death Song (From The Styx)
  7. Death, Slaughter, Destruction
  8. Die Motherfucker'son Of Bitch
  10. Goddamn You
  11. Hell Is Heaven!
  12. House Of The Witch
  13. Jinglebells From The Hell
  14. Just Devil Made Me do It
  15. Magic In Your Dream
  16. Over Your Death
  17. S.o.s (Sacrifice Of The Satan)
  18. Say Goodbye
  19. Splatter Moutain
  20. The Revenge Of Toys