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  1. A Playlist Killed the Mixtape
  2. A Trivial Pursuit Of Happiness
  3. Baby, You Amaze Me
  4. Call It A Truce
  5. Care A Little For Caroline
  6. Digital & True
  7. Dress Impressive
  8. Hand's To The Ceiling
  9. Have Mercy
  10. Hearts Will Explode
  11. Heroes Of The Game
  12. Hold Your Ground
  13. I Should've Known She Was A Robot
  14. If You Fall (Fall In Love)
  15. Kiss Your Genre Goodbye
  16. Leading You On
  17. Middle School Called, It Wants Its Mentality Back
  18. Never Stop Moving
  19. Oh So Epic
  20. Read Black & White
  21. Rest Your Head Here
  22. Rogue
  23. See Max Bleed
  24. She's Everything
  25. She's Not A Hottie Hotty
  26. So Far
  27. Stranded On A Desert Island With 3 Things. U, A Knife And A Reason To Use It
  28. The (Pretty) Good Life
  29. There's One In Every City
  30. Try A Little For Travesty
  31. Way To Ruin The Holidays
  32. What Ever Happened To The High Five
  33. You Love It. You Hate It. You Want It.