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Letras de Shab

  1. Against the life
  2. And The All Lights Will Be End
  3. And the burning (Outroduction)
  4. Ashen funeral
  5. Awaiting in the dream
  6. Black Mass Of The Dried Branches
  7. Darkening Forest Of Wisdoms
  8. Darkness II
  9. Darkness III
  10. Darkness IV
  11. Dead Wish In The Darkness
  12. From Shadows To The King Of Lights
  13. In The Depths Of This Night Heart
  14. Nocturnal Griefs In The Heart Of Avinar
  15. Of Godless Faith
  16. Our Dying Moonlight
  17. Pure blackest metal
  18. She is there
  19. True silent dying
  20. We Are Darkness In The Abyss