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Letras de Striborg

  1. Across Thornfields
  2. As a Hermit Hiding in the Trance of Night
  3. As Sad As a Cemetary In The Winter Darkness
  4. As Twilight Falls
  5. Autumnal Melancholy
  6. Beneath The Fields Of Rapacious Blood
  7. Black Apparitional Void
  8. Bleeding Black Tears of Hate
  9. Call Of The Redwood Forest
  10. Digging a Ditch to Die In
  11. Embittered Darkness
  12. Enchanted Forest
  13. Etherial Moon
  14. Foreboding Silence
  15. Forest of Fear
  16. Forever in Night
  17. Forzen in Time
  18. Garmonbozia
  19. In the Heart of the Rainforest
  20. Interval
  21. Interval II
  22. Interval III
  23. Intro
  24. Intro II
  25. Isle de Morts
  26. Lonely Walk in a Desolate Cold Pine Forest
  27. Longing to Embrace Your Cold Soul
  28. Looming Black Apparition
  29. Lost in Eternal Darkness
  30. Meandering in Sorrow
  31. Misty Morning over Neika
  32. My Guide to the Palace of Darkness
  33. My Journey Through the Hills and Paddocks
  34. Mysterious Emblance of Spectral Trees
  35. Nefaria
  36. Negative Emanations
  37. Nyctophobia
  38. Out of the Fog She Appeared Dressed in Black
  39. Perceiving The Wold With Hate
  40. Pernicious Paths Of Perception
  41. Solitude
  42. Somnambulistic Nightmares
  43. Son Of The Moon
  44. The Dark Forest's Embrace
  45. The Dawn of Winter
  46. The End
  47. The Failure Of Human Nature
  48. The Freezing Northland
  49. The Ghostly Pallid Hand Of Fear
  50. The Grandeur Of Melancholy
  51. The Void and Cloudless Sky
  52. Through the Forest to Spiritual Enlightenment
  53. Trails Of Desolation
  54. Transfiguration of Terror
  55. Weeping Abandoned Spirit
  56. When The Moon And The Earth Collide Into The Sun
  57. Within The Depths Of Darkness And Sorrow
  58. Wrapped in a Cocoon out of Harm's Way