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  1. Züriwest
  2. Zumbalanço Samba Rock
  3. Zulma Cantora
  4. Zülfü Livaneli
  5. Zucchero
  6. ZRM
  7. Zoroastro
  8. Zorica Brunclik
  9. Zona Zero
  10. Zona Ganjah
  11. Zona Fuego
  12. Zombies (Disney)
  13. Zolita

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  1. Hoje
  2. Quero Lhe Falar
  3. Corri
  4. Não Tem Hora e Nem Lugar
  5. Abençoa Nossa Reunião
  6. Curtir
  7. Cumpramos os Requisitos de Deus
  8. Não os Temais!
  9. As Coisas Bonitas de Deus
  10. Declaremos as Boas Novas Eternas
  11. Ainda Existem Cowboys
  12. Eu Não Quero Amar Você
  13. Doido Pra Te Amar


Susan Raye

Susan Raye

Letras de Susan Raye

  1. A Very Merry Christmas
  2. Across This Town And Gone
  3. Adios Farewell Goodbye Good Luck So Long
  4. All I Want For Christmas Is My Daddy
  5. Arms Full Of Empty
  6. Back Off Turkey
  7. Bad Bad Dream
  8. Before You Go
  9. Bring Back My Peace Of Mind
  10. Crying Time
  11. Don't Let True Love Slip Away
  12. Don't Take Advantage Of Me
  13. Easy Lovin'
  14. Everybody's Somebody's Fool
  15. Fallin' For You
  16. Foolin' Around
  17. Forever And Ever
  18. Good Old Days (Are Here Again)
  19. Greatest Gift Of All
  20. Happy Times Are Here Again
  21. Heartbreak Mountain
  22. High As The Mountains
  23. Hollywood And Vine
  24. How Long Will My Baby Be Gone
  25. Hurry Come Running Back To Me
  26. I Ain't Gonna Be Treated This a Way
  27. I Can't Stop My Loving You
  28. I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me)
  29. I Thank Him For Sending Me You
  30. I Won't Be Needing You
  31. I'll Be Swingin' Too
  32. I'll Still Be Waiting For You
  33. I've Carried This Torch Much Too Long
  34. I've Got a Happy Heart
  35. I've Got You On My Mind Again
  36. I've Never Had a Dream Come True Before
  37. In The Arms Of Love
  38. It's Too Late To Keep From Losing You
  39. Kansas City Song
  40. L. A. International Airport
  41. Love Makes The World Go Around
  42. Love's Gonna Live Here
  43. Loving You
  44. Motherhood Applepie And The Flag
  45. My Heart Has a Mind Of Its Own
  46. My Heart Skips a Beat
  47. Never Had a Doubt
  48. Nobody's Fool But Yours
  49. One Night Stand
  50. One Of Everything You Got
  51. Pitty Pitty Pater
  52. Put a Little Love In Your Heart
  53. Rocks In My Head
  54. Roll Out The Red Carpet
  55. She Don't Deserve You Anymore
  56. Song To Sing
  57. Sunshine Feelin'
  58. The Cheating Game
  59. Wheel Of Fortune
  60. Would You Settle For Roses
  61. You'll Never Miss The Water