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Letras de Tavares

  1. (Goodnight My Love) Pleasant Dreams
  2. A Penny For Your Thoughts
  3. Aprendi a viver
  4. Bad Times
  5. Being With You
  6. Check It Out
  7. Don't Take Away the Music
  8. Ele Vive
  9. Hardcore Poetry
  10. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel
  11. It Only Takes a Minute
  12. More Than A Woman
  13. Never Had a Love Like This Way Before
  14. Remember What I Told You To Forget
  15. She's Gone
  16. Slow Train To Paradise
  17. That's The Sound That Lonely Makes
  18. The Ghost Of Love
  19. The Love I Never Had
  20. Too Late
  21. Topeza
  22. Um Novo Amanhã
  23. Whodunit