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Tears Of Technology

Tears Of Technology

Letras de Tears Of Technology

  1. (Told Ya) Not To Do It
  2. 504
  3. Another Story (feat. Ami Tori)
  4. Disguised Reality (feat. Serenity)
  5. Feel Me Now
  6. Five O Four
  7. Higher Ground (feat. Serenity)
  8. I Am Free (feat. Amy Tori)
  9. I Know (feat. Amy Tori)
  10. Make The Beat Drop
  11. Our World (feat. Toca)
  12. Our World (feat. Toca)
  13. Rain (feat. Serenity)
  14. Sapphira (feat. Serenity)
  15. Take America Back (feat. 2da West)