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The Ghost Of Lemora

The Ghost Of Lemora

Letras de The Ghost Of Lemora

  1. Beauty Can't Die
  2. Blacken my Name
  3. Brides of the Atom
  4. Dread the Day
  5. Gallery Girls
  6. Happy End of the World
  7. It ain't my fault I'm beautiful
  8. Kissing the Plague
  9. La Fol Amour
  10. Labyrinth of Broken Dreams
  11. Lady Lemora
  12. R.I.P.
  13. Reach for the Ground
  14. Red Wine, Cigarette
  15. Shoes With Blue Jeans
  16. The Glamour
  17. The Ground Beneath Our Feet
  18. The Return of Lila
  19. This Pale Swan
  20. To the Gods that Walk Among Us