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The Gothic Archies

The Gothic Archies

Letras de The Gothic Archies

  1. A Million Mushrooms
  2. City Of The Damned
  3. Crows
  4. Dreary, Dreary, Dreary
  5. Ever Falls The Twilight
  6. Freakshow
  7. Gone Gone Gone
  8. How Do You Slow This Thing Down?
  9. In A Cave
  10. In The Reptile Room
  11. It´s Useless To Struggle
  12. Scream and Run Away
  13. Shipwrecked
  14. Smile! No one cares how you feel
  15. The Abandoned Castle Of My Soul
  16. The Dead Only Quickly Decay
  17. The Tiny Goat
  18. The World Is A Very Scary Place
  19. Thigs are not what they appear
  20. This Abyss
  21. Volunteers Fightind Disease
  22. Walking my gargoyle
  23. We Are The Gothic Archies
  24. When You Play The Violin
  25. Your Long White Fingers