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The Judds

The Judds

Letras de The Judds

  1. Are The Roses Not Blooming?
  2. Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem
  3. Blue Nun Cafe
  4. Born To Be Blue
  5. Cadillac Red
  6. Calling In The Wind
  7. Change Of Heart
  8. Cow Cow Boogie
  9. Cry Myself To Sleep
  10. Do I Dare
  11. Don't Be Cruel
  12. Don't You Hear Jerusalem Moan
  13. Dream Chaser
  14. Flies On The Butter (You Can't Go Home Again)
  15. Grandpa
  16. Had A Dream (For The Heart)
  17. I Know Where I'm Going
  18. I Want To Tell 'bout My Lover
  19. I Will Stand By You
  20. I'm Falling In Love Tonight
  21. In My Dreams
  22. Isn't He A Strange One
  23. John Deere Tractor
  24. Love Can Build a Bridge
  25. Mama He's Crazy
  26. One Hundred And Two
  27. One Man Woman
  28. One Man Woman
  29. River Of Time
  30. Rompin' Stompin' Bad News Blues
  31. Sleepless Nights
  32. Talk About Love
  33. The Sweetest Gift (A Mother's Smile)
  34. This Country's Rockin'
  35. Turn It Loose
  36. Water Of Love
  37. When King Jesus Calls His Children Home
  38. Who Is This Babe
  39. Who Is This Babe
  40. Why Not Me
  41. Young Love