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The Junior Varsity

The Junior Varsity

Letras de The Junior Varsity

  1. Anti-Climactic
  2. Cinematographic
  3. Demo Car City
  4. Do You Mind?
  5. Don't Forget To Set The House On Fire Before You Crawl Into Bed (House Fire)
  6. Everyone's Got Something They're Running Out Of
  7. Falling Far Behind
  8. Get Comfortable
  9. I Said I Try
  10. I Sang A Song To Be Sung
  11. I Went Blind
  12. I'm Home, Hooray!
  13. If It Hurts You
  14. If You Could Paint Your Own Vacation Where Would You Go?
  15. Introduction To The Faint Remembrance Of A Dead And Dying Dream
  16. Left Foot Right Foot
  17. Lifted
  18. Lungs
  19. Mad For Medusa
  20. Ohio ( The 178 Meter Dash To Indiana)
  21. Park Your Car
  22. Peter Cottontail And The Demise Of The Carrot Tree
  23. Saltwater Fountain
  24. Say Goodnight
  25. St. Louis
  26. The Big Little City Killing Cycle
  27. The Greatest
  28. The Importance Of Being Important
  29. The Sky!
  30. Try To Define
  31. Under The Radar
  32. What It Meant to Be Clean
  33. When We Meet Aliens...
  34. Wünderdrug