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Confira a Letra Their Hooves Carve Craters In The Earth


Their Hooves Carve Craters In The Earth

The memories of revolution disappear as the wind shifts.
But a mighty, reckless, shameless, conscienceless, proud crime--it rumbles in distant thunder.
And do you not see how the sky grows presciently silent and dark?
Propaganda must be by deed, insurrection, assassination, bombing.
Resignation is death.
Revolt is life.
I will never willingly wear the chains of your sacred concepts, natural law, common humanity, reason, justice, the people.
There is no hope in conditioned morality.
I deny everything and affirm only myself.
We can all enter this bitter class struggle.
We are all ordinary workers, natives.
We must rise in revolt if we will rise in this world.
Resignation is death.
Revolt is life.