notícias musicais

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  1. Alisson e Neide
  2. Flamengo
  3. Tribo da Periferia
  4. Racionais Mc's
  5. Costa Gold
  6. Haikaiss
  7. Lilo And Stitch
  8. Robson Biollo
  9. Ludmilla
  10. Roberto Carlos
  11. Damares
  12. Canção e Louvor
  13. Marisa Monte

top 13 musicas

  1. Sinceridade
  2. Gritos da Torcida
  3. Aloha, e Komo Mai
  4. Jesus Chorou
  5. Magazine (part. Look)
  6. Dependente
  7. A Praga
  8. Duas Doses de Saudade
  9. Sossega
  10. Paulo e Silas
  11. Na Riqueza e Na Pobreza (part. Maycon e Vinicius)
  12. Sensual Girl (part. MC Davi)
  13. Mesa de Bar




Letras de Thou

  1. An Age Imprisoned
  2. Another World Is Inevitable
  3. Belt Of Fire To Guide Me, Cloak Of Night To Hide Me
  4. Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
  5. Breakin' Up The Heart Of a Girl
  6. Burning Black Coals And Dark Memories
  7. By Endurance We Conquer
  8. By Every Hand Betrayed
  9. Don't Vote
  10. Fleurs de Mal
  11. Fucking Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean
  12. Grissecon
  13. Here I Stand Head In Hand
  14. I Am The Leviathan
  15. I Was Ignored. And Judged. And Cast Down
  16. Loneliness Dances In The Gorgon's Stare
  17. Monstrance
  18. Out Of The Mouth Of a Fool
  19. Paroled In '54
  20. Prometheus
  21. Rats And Mice And Swarms Of Lice
  22. Screaming At a Wall
  23. Shorties With Mp 40's, The Personal Is The Political
  24. Smoke Pigs
  25. The Bleeding Genitals Of Every Rapist Hang Bleeding From These Trees
  26. The Butcher's Bill
  27. The Defeatist's Lament
  28. The Eyes Of The World Are Upon You
  29. The Road Of Many Names
  30. The Song Of Illuminate Darkness
  31. The Work Ethic Myth
  32. Their Hooves Carve Craters In The Earth
  33. They Stretch Out Their Hands
  34. Tyrant
  35. Voices In The Wilderness
  36. What Blood Still Flows From These Veins
  37. With a Cold, Life Extinguishing Elegance