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Confira a Letra Burning Black Coals And Dark Memories


Burning Black Coals And Dark Memories

My mistakes light up the sky, a horde of blazing stars through night's black curtain. they guide me safely along an endless passage over dangerous waters. from the summit of a towering mountain, leaping at once to a jagged shoreline, flesh and muscle impaled. i have destroyed that bridge, but the gift of strength and defiance can never be damaged. if my haven is but a weight chaining me to stagnation, then i must call to the thunder to break these bonds, escape into the chaos of the burning sands, and surround myself in self destruction. and surround myself in deconstruction. so it is the consequence of exploration and expansion. alone--self discovery. recognition of power. isolate intelligence. i am the emissary. i am the balance. i am the beginning. i am the end.