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Confira a Letra The Song Of Illuminate Darkness


The Song Of Illuminate Darkness

The behaviors imposed by society are but a veneer surrounding the darkness, a saving illusion hollow at the core. the darkness is the truth. it stands in silent righteousness, the background that reveals the foreground. and no human fabrication can supplant it with the dustbin of progress. actualize industrial collapse. we've stolen fire from the gods to raze their concrete tombs. we've cried our sorrows to the wind and the earth. and the pines stretch upwards, nature's fingers straining towards the sky. they will reach out and pull down every ivory tower, destroying the elite, and returning arcane knowledge and lore to all. now we can remove our masks and seek out vengeance, a saboteur in every occupation and a wrench in every machine. remove your masks and find vengeance. outside the walls of civilization lies a wilderness beyond belief and without end.