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Confira a Letra Loneliness Dances In The Gorgon's Stare


Loneliness Dances In The Gorgon's Stare

Those tools which freed us from otherworldly jailors have betrayed us to a pantheon of technology. what use is limitless knowledge if it cripples us to action? what use is logic if it drapes us in cruelty? soul and intellect remain in a perpetual state of war. moral atrophy: the heart grows frigid and distant; the skin becomes scaled and hard as rock; our kings are crowned in their dependence; our only inklings of nature are clouded and obscured. how we clutch to our breasts philosophies of violence. how we cling to these meaningless sides. we are as one suicidal force careening towards a unified end. hopes and prayers cannot save us. but neither can your careful research. neither can your complex statistics. neither can your precious analyses. all of your science and reasoning is for naught.