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Us, From Outside

Us, From Outside

Letras de Us, From Outside

  1. Because You Asked
  2. Cheating's Her Disease
  3. I Am The Divine
  4. I Thought You'd Be Dead By Now
  5. I Will Smash Your Face In =)
  6. I'm Not Locked In Here With You, You're Trapped In Here With Me
  7. I'm Not Opposed To Getting Hit By A Car
  8. No Ash, No Phoenix
  9. Patient Sixty-seven
  10. Putting a Face To Fear
  11. Revived
  12. Smile Princess, You're Perfect
  13. The Honesty In Shadows And Reflections
  14. The Overthrown
  15. This Love I've Found
  16. Where's My Chippy? There's My Chippy!
  17. Where's My Chippy? There's My Chippy!
  18. Who Saves The Savior?
  19. Your Heart And Mine