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Vernon Oxford

Vernon Oxford

Letras de Vernon Oxford

  1. A Blanket Of Stars
  2. Always True
  3. Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws Again
  4. Bad Moon Rising
  5. Brother Jukebox
  6. Daughter Of The Vine
  7. Don't Let a Little Thing Like That
  8. Forgetfulness For Sale
  9. Gonna Ease My Worried Mind
  10. Hide
  11. Honky Tonk Troubles
  12. I Feel Chained
  13. I Just Want Somebody To Love Me
  14. I Love To Sing
  15. I Sure Need Her Now
  16. If Kisses Could Talk
  17. In The Shadows Of My Mind
  18. Love And Pearl And Me
  19. Midnight Blues
  20. Rainy Day
  21. She's Always There
  22. The Blues Come In
  23. What Will I Live On Tomorrow
  24. Woman Let Me Sing You a Song
  25. Your Wanting Me Is Gone