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Letras de Vociferian

  1. Antikrist Atomik Winter Smack (Nuklearfrost Strike Part I)
  2. Babel Tower
  3. Blackhorned Blasphemy
  4. Breathing The Infectious Particles
  5. Complete JudeoChristian Genocide
  6. Enslaved Skies From Divine Hatred
  7. Enthroned By Vilest Instinct
  8. Far Beyond Human Stench
  9. From Beyond The Grave
  10. From Flagellation To Bondage, From Bondage To Ekztinktion
  11. Kill Your People First (Shed Your Own Blood)
  12. Mary'z Kunt Ripping
  13. Mayhemic Wrath
  14. Nuklear Inquisition
  15. Petrified Ghost Ov The Stellar Freezing
  16. Poisonous Ascetik Blood
  17. Possezed Worshiperz Ov Doom
  18. Post Slaughtering Desolation
  19. Sacerdoce In Damnatio
  20. Satanized Funeral Rites
  21. Spell Summoning Death
  22. The Day Following The Liar Birth
  23. The Hatechurch Altar Propaganda
  24. The Necrogoat Ceremonial
  25. Tribute, Oath And Sacrifice