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Letras de Wizzard

  1. (Rock 'n' Roll Is) Devil's Music
  2. A Midnight Rendezvous
  3. Angel De La Barthe
  4. Dirty As Fuck
  5. Feathers Burn, Leather Doesn't
  6. Harbingers Of Metal
  7. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
  8. Iron, Steel, Metal
  9. Little Lyndsay
  10. Nacht Der Verdammten Seele
  11. One Way Ticket To Hell
  12. Revenge Of The Witch
  13. Satans Blues (In A Minor)
  14. See My Baby Jive
  15. Sins Of A Past Life
  16. Sundown Over Lavenham
  17. Temple Of Elemental Evil
  18. The Fire Of Volcanus
  19. The Left Hand Of Eternity
  20. Tormentor (Wimp Reaper)
  21. Vultures Over Golgotha