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Wolfgang Parker

Wolfgang Parker

Letras de Wolfgang Parker

  1. Among The Ash Heaps (And Millionaires)
  2. Big Cat Daddy Blue
  3. Blood Red Water
  4. Blue and Grey
  5. English Lover
  6. Four Hours Into Nighttime
  7. I Could Be You
  8. It Always Ends
  9. Let Your Heart Slow Down
  10. Lonely Just Like Me (The Mexican Moon)
  11. Mata Hari
  12. Room Nineteen
  13. Shiseido (The Fall)
  14. Sing Baby Swing
  15. Someone New
  16. The Crash
  17. The Heat
  18. The Mice, The Demons, And The Piggies
  19. To Say You Love Me
  20. Whisper Something German (In My Ear)