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Letras de Xanthochroid

  1. Aquatic Deathgate Existence
  2. Blessed He With Boils
  3. Deus Absconditus: Part I
  4. Deus Absconditus: Part II
  5. Iced, In Extremis
  6. In Deep And Wooded Forest Of My Youth
  7. In Putris Stagnum
  8. Incultus
  9. Long Live Our Lifeless King
  10. Of Gods Bereft Of Grace
  11. Rebirth Of An Old Nation
  12. The Argent Crusader's Hymn
  13. The Great Sundering
  14. The Last Relic Of Axen
  15. The Leper's Prospect
  16. Theo Sound Of a Glinting Blade
  17. To Higher Climes Where Few Might Stand
  18. To Lost And Ancient Gardens
  19. Winter's End
  20. Wormwood