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Letras de Yacht.

  1. Don't Fight The Darkness
  2. Drawing In The Dark
  3. Dystopia (The Earth is on fire)
  4. I Believe In You
  5. I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler
  6. I Walked Alone
  7. I'm In Love With a Ripper
  8. It's All The Same Price (feat. Eats Tapes)
  9. It's coming to get you
  10. Le Goudron
  11. Platinum
  12. Psychic City
  13. Run cheerfully to the sunset
  14. See a penny(pick it up)
  15. Shangri-la
  16. So Post All 'Em
  17. Summer Song
  18. The Afterlife
  19. The Magic Beat
  20. Utopia
  21. We Have All We've Ever Wanted
  22. We we're Always Waiting
  23. Women Of The Word
  24. Your Magic Is Real