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Yung Van

Yung Van

Letras de Yung Van

  1. 1990 Volvo
  2. Dear Death, I Miss You
  3. Devil's Grip
  4. Even When I Hold You, I Can't Feel You (feat. Yesterday)
  5. Hollow (feat. Robin Lucious)
  6. I Just Wanted Somebody To Hold Me
  7. I Tried So Hard To Love You But You Pushed Me Away (feat. David Entendu)
  8. I Waited On You, You Never Came
  9. I Waited On You, You Never Came
  10. I Wonder If You Think Of Me
  11. Love's Not Easy
  12. These Little Things I Say
  13. Wake Me Up When I'm a Better Person
  14. You Can Live Without Me