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Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan

Letras de Xiao Zhan

  1. A Thousand Years Of Singing
  2. Bamboo In The Rock's
  3. My Chinese Heart
  4. Mystical
  5. Perfect Life
  6. Pisando na sua sombra
  7. Red Plum Blossoms
  8. Remaining Years
  9. Running To You With All I Have
  10. Spotlight
  11. Stars In The Sun
  12. Step On Your Shadow
  13. The Oath Of Love
  14. The Satisfaction
  15. Xin Dong
  16. 余年 (yú nián)
  17. 无极 Wu ji
  18. 无羁 Wu Ji (Unrestrained) (feat. Wang Yibo) (The Untamed OST)
  19. 曲尽陈情 Qu Jin Chen Qing (Song Ends with Chen Qing) (The Untamed OST)
  20. 策马正少年 (Youth On Hoserback)