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H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

Letras de H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

  1. A Shoggoth on The Roof
  2. All I Want For Solstice Is My Sanity
  3. Awake Ye Scary Great Olde Ones
  4. Away in a madhouse
  5. Dance the cultists
  6. Death may die
  7. Es Y'Golonac
  8. Freddy The Red Brained Mi-Go
  9. Great Old Ones Are Coming To Town
  10. Harley got devoured by the undead
  11. Have yourself a scary little Solstice
  12. I saw Mommy kissing Yog-Sothoth
  13. I'm dreaming of a dead city
  14. It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Fish-me
  15. It's beginning to look a lot like fish-men
  16. Silent Night, Blasphemous Night
  17. Slay Ride
  18. The carol of the old ones
  19. The Deep One Song (Solstice in R'lyeh)
  20. The Shoggoth Song
  21. The White Ship
  22. The worst Hotel